Kim:a favorite model through the years

Kim and Ken, May 2007. We kept in touch through these many years!

Kim circa:1976 She is modeling a "Crazy Horse Leathers" outfit. note:location of this shot was Lost World.

"Wolf" (Ken)and Kim...circa:1980. At the time there was a costume shop down the street from my photography studio in Aptos Village, California. The shop owner would lend me outfits for photo tests.

Kim at "Lost World" in Scotts Valley,California. circa:1976. For years "Lost World" was a big roadside attraction. It featured the life size Dinosaurs and the "tree circus". You could see them from Highway 17 on the way to Santa Cruz. I shot a series of photos there with Kim in it's last days. This is a sample of one of the prints that I hand-colored.

Kim and another model in a "penthouse" room at the Bay View Hotel, Aptos Village,CA. circa:1976 note:the Bayview Hotel is still there to this day and has been upgraded to a bed and breakfast Inn.

Kim and her favorite parrot. He knew how to spread his wings on command.
Kim and pal make it into an ad.
Kim and a really big format camera!
Bay View Hotel night shot.

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