Kearney Cats

The Cat Stays in the Picture!
Cats seemed to be turning up all the time whenever I happened to have a camera! Maybe in a former life they were models? Golden eyed beauty shot with medium format camera and long lens and setting sun.

"I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Kearney" You can't tell a cat to do this. He/she just jumped up into the chair in my Aptos Studio one fine day and it was "lights, camera, action"!

"Hi There! I saw the door open and thought I would just drop in"! Look at that "cat-walk"! I had never seen this cat before!

"Hey! I want to be a model too"! I did'nt plan this at all...the cat just showed up! I was shooting some portfolio work for the wonderful model.

A powerful grey cat that lived at the Victorian Bay View Hotel in Aptos Village, CA. He would enter rooms through the window. In this case it was my room.

Could this be a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie? Maybe Psycho? note: the black cat. This building has since been remodeled and is a home for senior citizens. click on photo for details.

"A good place to see what's going on" said the fence cat! I like all the sun-baked wood.

Here we have a "window cat". In my walks around the sea-side town of Santa Cruz, CA... I would notice I was being observed!

A cartoon cat doodle. I noticed how cats sometimes tuck in their front paws.

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