Kearney works for NASA circa:1964-1968

NASA's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California
Only a few years out of the US Navy as a deck hand and now working in the Graphics and Exhibits Department for world famous NASA as a technical illustrator! Just because I could draw! My first job out of the Navy was working in retail at Valley Fair,San Jose, CA. Then my brother Phil, helped me get into a "job-shop" as a technical illustrator. That lead to the NASA job. This was before the moon landing.
Kearney at his best in jacket and tie, with poster art he designed.

Kearney at the drawing board. This was when Leroy pens and India ink were used for lettering illustrations.

In NASA jump suite setting up an exhibit in one of those large hangers at Moffett Field.

Kearney at work drawing animal cartoons for kids at NASA 1966 Christmas Party.

Cartoon Doodle. Some times it felt like this being a technical illustrator.

At the desk, Ames Research Center, April 1964.

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