Kearney still stressing on posting images

It's October 2006....and still missing steps to post images....well... sometime soon?

Photos From The Past

Some images from Kearney Studios, Aptos California circa:1970's. I had studied the work of Hollywood photographers from the 1930's. I had a photo studio in Aptos Village. I was running ads in Good Times. Jay Shore the publisher traded me ad space for photo/illustration assignments. I was also working on a comic strip idea about a guy named Spike who finds a magic camera at a flea market. The camera would produce magic images that would lead to him meeting many beautiful women!

Photos From The Past

Chinese beauty. I did lots of shots of her through the years.

This is Laura. She was a real beauty:full lips, great figure! I did lots of shots of her. She had to cut her hair for modeling jobs in the big city. I later photographed her wedding in San Francisco.

A very cute gal that entered the studio door one day.

A cute young girl. She liked being photographed.

Rough design cartoon ideas.

Cartoon comic strip idea.

Ken In Destin FL Visits Anne, his sister.

Ken overlooks Destin harbor.

Photo and Cartoons

Hey! I got a couple of images on my blog! The portrait is one of thousands I've done over the years....she was local teen...shot this for modeling portfolio...she was wonderful girl! Cartoons: "My Turn Old Man",I created for a New Years card, "King Kong in San Francisco"...I drew as part of the Kong Craze...I had been spending a lot of time in SF while working on a new Will Smith movie("The Pursuit of Happyness", due for release late 2006) as a driver/extra. I figured if Kong came to SF he would climb the Pyrmid biulding....and the girl is playing a uke and singing " East of the Sun and West of the Moon". Any way it's exciting to get some images on here....hope to have many more as I learn how to do this!

Photo & Cartoons

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starting out

Ken Kearney starts out on a blog trip! This is a whole new world! As I become more proficient at this blog stuff....I hope to post many photos and illustrations I have created through the years!

Ken Kearney Studios: Hi

Ken Kearney Studios: Hi