Kearney Creations

Various Examples of Ken Kearney's work
I found a new job at Singer/Friden in the early 1970's.

Kearney with magazine and original cover art painting. I had a great job for a while working at Friden, a place in San Leandro, CA. I did illustrations for their corporate magazines, learned photography even worked in their TV studio as a camera-man.

Closeup of painting for cover, May 1970. I used a palate knife and acrylics.

Kearney and co-worker Fran at the controls of the large TV cameras used at Friden. circa:1970

Graphic arts area at Friden.

Paul Moeller was one of the best bosses I ever had. We got along great and he taught me the basics of photography, on the job.

One Christmas season while living in San Francisco, I worked on cartoons at a Palo Alto Mall for charity. It was a big hit! Soon I was drawing cartoons of people's pets! Money was being raised for various causes...even the Veterans' Hospital!

One of many covers for Cabrillo College Newspaper. I got away from the big city, was divorced and went to College on the GI Bill. It was great fun! I created cartoons and photos for the "Cabrillo Log".

Perfect shot of seagull about to take flight from rock in Pleasure Point, CA. 135mm lens

Solarized print of the same seagull photo created in my Aptos Studio darkroom.

Watsonville Pajaronian newspaper story.

"The Great Hunter" looking for his next thrilling subject. Mixed media

"Uke You and the Moon" My favorite musical instrument the ukulele rendered here with oil pastels.

Kearney in elf costume,1973. My brother and I worked the Santa Claus window for Ford's Department Store in Watsonville,CA for many years. My brother was the "Jolly Man" himself!
Here's my older brother Phil portraying Santa.

Photography near La Selva Beach,CA. Nadine was running with her mare and colt.

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