Kearney Gets New Perspective

Sometimes it's fun to wander around and shoot crazy photos.

Jump for Joy!

We three!

Moon walker!

Sky walker!

Fists of fury!

Ken with Aunt Helen

My fathers sister was a world traveler and a career librarian.Helen with her mother (my grandmother) about to depart for Hawaii on the SS Manoa in 1929 for a job with the library in the islands.Helen and her "book car" circa:1929 Hawaii.

Check out this shipboard menu. click picture for detail

Ship luggage tag circa:1929

Later in her life Aunt Helen would throw her own biirthday parties, usually at a fancy hotel in San Francisco.

Inspirational Artists

Gil Elvgren

Russell Patterson

Charles Donna Gibson

Heinrich Kley
Heinrich Kley's art was the inspiration for the dancing animals in Walt Disney's Fantasia.

Phillips Draws Kearney

Famous Rock & Roll artist Jim Phillips draws sketch of Ken Kearney at the board! Phillips saw the write-up below and drew this rough sketch.

"Ken Kearney Stud" story that was published in local Santa Cruz paper. There wasn't room to address the $10 million notice as Ken Kearney Studios! Click on story to read details.

Bird Story

These storyboard drawings were the start of what I thought could be a full length animated movie. I was working on this idea in the mid 1960's. The whole storyboard goes on for many more drawings.

Elephant Poem

Fooling around with an elephant idea. circa:1993

Christina Landman/young super model

One of my first shots of this Harbor High School girl who walked into my studio one day. I lit her up with my fantasy lighting effect. She had an inner light of her own!
Soon Christina was on the cover of Latin VOGUE!

Will James/cowboy artist

Will James with his young wife.

Will James author of Smokey the Cowhorse was an inspiration to me as a young kid. I studied his drawings for hours!

Aptos T-Shirt and Cartoon

Over the years I worked on various Aptos Village projects