Found Photos

I really like "found photos" from old family albums and yard sales etc. They show a candid slice out of the "time machine"!
circa:1911 What a wonderful candid Santa Cruz beach shot! The bathing suits are just great! This was from a Kearney family album. click photo for details

I know nothing about the people in this candid shot; I found it at a flea-market. It looks like the period was around 1900. I call it "Girl In The Park". You can see how proud the adults are with the young girl. A story could easily be written based on this one picture.

1925 picnic. Old family album snapshot that was from one of my Aunts collections. Everybody looks like they are having a great time...but look at that dreary landscape! How about that grand old automobile! Those outfits are very fashionable!

1920 car crowd. It's April Fools Day and everybody is out to have a good time! (my Aunt Jean's collection.)

This is the kind of view-finder camera that people would use for these snapshots from the 1920's.

Pith helmets were the fashion for visitors to the Philippine Islands in the 1920's!

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