Paraiso Hot Springs

Historical images of Paraiso Hot Springs.

Paraiso gang. The wonderful Paraiso lives on in the memories of people who rented cabins there over the years. Here are some of those folks at a recent reunion.Josh Rutkoff the unofficial "mayor" of Paraiso.

Paraiso Hot Springs a gift of nature, was destroyed by "money men" in 2003. This legendary Shangri La... hidden away in the Santa Lucia Mountains...was known for it's mythological healing waters and rustic vistas through wonderful palm groves while soaking in the waters!
Palm Tree Sketches by Kearney:2003 . A new palm sprouts while the Old Man trees sway in the warm mountain breezes.Hot tub cartoon drawn for a Good Times story in 1976.

The Muse Process

The process of getting ideas sometimes takes moments of relaxation! Or even to walk away from the table! circa:1994

Kearney in a quite moment, December 12,1974 at the animation desk in the Aptos, California Studio.

The Many Faces of Man

The Many faces of man as he changes through the years. This was a sketch idea that came to me one day. Born crying and grow old crying!

Tropical Images

Tropical Images from my mind are floating around all the time. The palm trees and swirling river was an idea I came up with as a teen-ager. circa:1950
The Tropical Bird theme resurfaces all the time.circa:1965

Then there's Big Sur,CA for sure power of beauty! photo J. Trout

I Knew Them When!

Carol Sveilich,MA ...from Cabrillo College student to best selling author! We met in the 1970's in college. Now in the 2000's she is a widely respected author of the book Just Fine (unmasking concealed chronic illness and pain) and lives in the San Diego,CA area.

Carol (circa:1973 )photo: Ken Kearney

Kearney and Sveilich in yesteryears.

Ann and Mike the Hollywood Connection!Santa Cruz 2004. Here is Mike with his wife Ann in downtown Santa Cruz...They both work in Hollywood behind the scenes. Ann in the costume department for various top stage performances and Mike as crew for TV and concert events. I worked with Mike at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in the 1970's.Mike holds camera over his head at the Boardwalk circa:1976

Janea with Kearney circa 2006

Janea: A friend from the past. I first meet her at Cabrillo College in the 1970's. She became a great friend. I didn't know she was one of the foremost Belly Dancers of the area! She has also become an activist for many worthwhile causes.

Seeking Out the Wise Old Man

You are supposed to have all the answers to life when you become an old man!In reality there are more questions than answers! From a Ken Kearney comic strip drawn in 1973

Clouds! Wonderful Clouds!

I've always been fascinated by big billowy white clouds! They take shapes of various objects and you wish you were Superman and could fly through them! Reaching for the heavens.

Seacliff State Beach on a winter day.

Kearney Gets New Perspective

Sometimes it's fun to wander around and shoot crazy photos.

Jump for Joy!

We three!

Moon walker!

Sky walker!

Fists of fury!

Ken with Aunt Helen

My fathers sister was a world traveler and a career librarian.Helen with her mother (my grandmother) about to depart for Hawaii on the SS Manoa in 1929 for a job with the library in the islands.Helen and her "book car" circa:1929 Hawaii.

Check out this shipboard menu. click picture for detail

Ship luggage tag circa:1929

Later in her life Aunt Helen would throw her own biirthday parties, usually at a fancy hotel in San Francisco.

Inspirational Artists

Gil Elvgren

Russell Patterson

Charles Donna Gibson

Heinrich Kley
Heinrich Kley's art was the inspiration for the dancing animals in Walt Disney's Fantasia.