Kearney/Childhood Photos

"Spike" Kearney with his first bike in Sierra Madre, CA! circa:1949

Pop and Mom 1935. Dad was park Ranger at Grand Tetons National Park.

Mom circa:1934 a few years before I came along.

Pop strums the ukulele banjo at a lumber camp in the 1920's.

I hand-colored this photo of myself. It was at a park in Seattle,WA. This is a real "time machine" shot! circa:1940

Kearney, June 1941, Seattle, Washington

Pop, Phip, baby Ken, 1937.

Pop and Spikie, Seattle, WA 1938

Christmas 1946 Mom with 3 boys, Phip,Spike,Billy.

The three brothers, Billy,Phip,Spike... in their new sweaters knited by Mom. photo shot by "Pop" in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Brothers:Phip and Billy circa:1949

Big brother Phil and "Spike". circa:1939

Phil and "Spike", San Diego. circa:1958

Four nephews from my brother Phil(frnt)Ken,Phil,(bk)Andrew,Duncan,Dion.

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