Kearney works at the Santa Cruz,CA Boardwalk

Kearney with some of the kids who would follow him around in the arcade asking for a free game. Many of these youngsters would be "regulars" at the Boardwalk for the whole summer. It was a place where the parents would drop them off at. photo by Mike Chickey

While working at the Boardwalk I shot this photo of Skip Littlefield for a story in Monterey Life Magazine. circa:1982.

Photo booth "goings on", while Ken gets shot!

Kearney and co-worker Heather, near the costume concession area. photos by Mike Chickey
Mike Chickey gets in the picture as he clicks off a shot of Kearney and co-worker Heather. circa 1982

My Aunt Helen (left) at the Boardwalk 1920! (62 years earlier)

I was employed by the Seaside Company
at the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for approximately five years. This was while I was getting my photography studio going in Aptos, California.

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