Kearney and Gowland

Peter Gowland the world's most famous glamour/pin-up photographer and his wonderful wife Alice graciously gave me the grand tour of their home studio in July 2007! Peter Gowland was one of my boyhood heroes. I said to myself, after reading his books in the late 1950's on how to be a glamour photographer, "I want to do that!".1980 Camera Life magazine article. Peter Gowland photographs the world's most beautiful women!

Alice and Peter Gowland. circa:late 1970's

Peter Gowland and Ken Kearney, Santa Monica, California. July 2007

Alice Gowland and Ken Kearney in the famous Santa Monica, California studio.

Alice Gowland, Georgia Griffin and Peter Gowland search for the Ken Kearney blog.

Gowland checks out some negatives at his light table. Go to: for his complete story.

Peter Gowland magazines These are a few of the Gowland publications that I still have!

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